Front End Developer

Do you want to work in an exceptional team driving a cutting-edge social media and branding agency headquartered in Budapest, mentoring great minds to think – differently, and empowering people to reach for novel solutions that define rather than follow the market?

Role description:
The Front End Developer will play an important role in our product development process by developing
complex software items.

Pixel perfect psd 2 html slicing.
Develop modular JavaScript applications.
Respect the company standard software development workflows.
Continuous personal development and mentoring of colleagues; depending on your skills.

Experience with Mercurial and/or Git.
Experience with JIRA/Atlassian Suite.
Strong knowledge of real semantic HTML, JavaScript and Angular 2+.
Strong CSS skills, without external code from the internet; deep understanding of CSS3 and HTML5.
Knowledge of jQuery – DOM manipulation, ajax requests.
Knowledge of KISS concept; DRY concept; YAGNI concept.
Knowledge of Twig; Bootstrap; WordPress
Knowledge of BackBone.JS.
Understanding of JSLint strict mode.
Basic Adobe Photoshop knowledge required for HTML slicing.
Strong and effective written communication skills in English with an ability to express technical concepts in business terms.

Nice to have skills:
Good sense of design and elegance.
Experience with media query tackles.
Experience with LessCss.
Experience with unit testing.
Experience with e2e testing.
Experience with code complexity analysis and related tools.
Experience with JSDoc based API documentation.
Experience with Mobile development.
Fluency in Hungarian.

Should you be interested in the position you can send your CV and application to

reach out