Marketing Automation Specialist


Do you want to work in an exceptional team driving a cutting-edge social media and branding agency headquartered in Budapest, mentoring great minds to think differently, and empowering people to reach for novel solutions that define rather than follow the market?

Do you want to be part of a Media Agency that represents some amazing worldwide brands as clients – managing all their marketing and PR efforts?

You will be responsible for creating an enhanced user experience for our websites to increase the percentage of visitors converting into customers; Increase the number of money customers spend on our products and increase the value customers purchase from our websites. The position uses scientific methods to plan, test the validity through appropriate checks and implement changes on websites that optimize ARPU, create effective CTA’s and achieve a higher conversion rate from visitors and clients of our brands. The position works closely with designers, copywriters and developers to create new web pages, to fix problems in current pages and to create content that is interesting and engaging.

We are aiming for the stars and want to be the best in the industry!

Your tasks and responsibilities:

Develops and executes conversion optimization plans
Drives the development of key UI/UX experiences which will incorporate high-level interaction navigation, and organization design
Collaborates with other SEO, Marketing and CXOs, Copywriters, Designers to plan and develop new marketing experiments
Plans and develop A/B/n and multivariate experiments with clear and measurable objectives
Prepares reports related to conversion experimentation activities and strategies
Continuously monitors the effect of interventions on websites and adjust for maximum performance and profit
Use marketing automation tools as well as the briefing of agencies where applicable to deliver programs in the most effective ways
Use reporting and analysis to optimize messaging, creative and promotions as well as developing new initiatives
Researches and understand user behavior identifying patterns of behavior through heat maps, scroll maps, confetti maps, etc to identify client trends and optimize sales
Create promoters and referrals
Integrate a full holistic multichannel marketing automation eco-system based on UserEngage to successfully market via (i) Email, (ii) Landers, (iii) Banners, (iv) Pops, and (v) Chat pops
Research and identify target audiences through scientific means to create optimization strategies and targeted campaigns.
Create engaging Calls to Action (CTA)
Reducing churn rate of subscribers to brand products
Work to get users to create habits around core value to promote mid-term and long-term retention
Create and implement a sophisticated Database segmentation w/key events
Create & launch Email & SMS Campaigns (discount offers, free trials, upsells and cross-sell)
Create a seasonal campaign calendar for VMCasino for Scandinavian and UK markets
Continuously monitor the effect of interventions on websites and adjust for maximum performance and profit.

You should possess:

Degree in Marketing, Economics, Business or relevant field

3-5 years proven track record in:
Analyzing large amounts of data to develop actionable recommendations
Developing, creating and analyzing user-oriented marketing campaigns
End-to-end customer experience to facilitate subscription acquisition and enhance retention
Using web analytics tools (Google Analytics, Marketo, Salesforce etc.).

Gamification and Online CRM experience is a huge plus!

Personal skill-set:

Well versed in customer psychology
Analytical and data-driven mindset
Strong copywriting skills (marketing copy and word-economy) for marketing campaigns.
Stays focused and accurate even with tight-deadlines and is only satisfied with perfect results
Problem-solving; Proactively takes charge of creating innovative solutions
Accurate and picky
An amazing eye for high-quality design (able to work with designers on creating super designs)
Execution: drive to achieve results and value
Leadership skills: cross-functional leadership, being able to proactively cooperate with other functions
Dynamic, hard-working, and able to pivot direction quickly to keep up with business demands whilst maintaining a positive solution-oriented mindset.

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