Online Media Buyer

We are looking for an Online Media Buyer to join our company.

Our new Online Media Buyer is a key element in ensuring that advertising, marketing and promotional campaigns are exposed to the right target audience in the most effective place possible, thereby gaining recognition and new customers for the product or service in question. Analytical thinking, communication, persuasion, and research abilities will be instrumental to our online media buyer’s success.



An effective negotiator, a critical thinker who is easily able to establish trust and build rapport with clients and media professionals. An individual who is knowledgeable about current media channels and advertising options and is savvy with money as they will be entrusted with a budget which must be spent wisely. Someone who can show a good rate of return on investment.



Developing effective media buying strategies,
Negotiate with advertising sales agents to acquire cost-efficient and budget-conscious advertising space, sponsorships, or product placements,
Ensure that ads reach target audiences through high-quality channels at the lowest possible prices,
Acquiring desirable time slots and media space for advertising clients,
Using market research information, such as demographics, media usage, ratings and the type of content in a given vehicle,
He/she must understand his or her clients’ needs and wants and research what media are available in the markets afforded by a client’s budget.
Choose the best possible venue or medium for an advertising campaign,
Keen eye on the key performance indicators of ad campaigns,
Form good relationships with advertising sales agents to obtain the best prices and values for advertisement placements, campaigns, or even media bundles,
Monitor the purchased media to make sure the advertisements appear as planned, and they credit or bill clients as necessary to settle accounts,
Advertising space for clients in all forms of outlets, including print, online, and broadcasting,
Attending meetings with their clients, giving presentations and reporting back to them on the results of their various campaigns


An entrepreneur at heart and an experienced budget manager
An expert at media buying and sales advertising
Dynamic and proactive, who presents solutions when reporting an issue
A team player, expert communicator and negotiator
Experienced Digital Marketing specialist – Google Search ads / PPC / SEM
Website UX/CX Specialist


We support you and help you grow in your role.
Your chance to work under your own initiative.
Cultural diversity and work in an international environment.
An awesome and cheerful young team
Good coffee and No dress code ☺


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