Recruitment Manager

We are looking for a Rockstar Recruitment Manager who is super-skilled with a proven track record of recruiting top talent for C Level positions as well as Sales Talent such as SMS and Email Specialist and Media Buyers; Technical talent such as Developers, QA Testers etc; and other E-commerce related positions.

We are looking for someone who is highly experienced in:
Mapping and researching Top Talent within a field or talent pool
Outreach and able to generate interests with candidates through various social media platforms such as Linkedin, Facebook, and Instagram
Has experience creating, launching and managing recruitment and Employer Branding campaigns on social media platforms, and other industry-related outlets.
Has experience building up the recruitment function within e-commerce companies
Is experienced in using, structured interview techniques, Pre-testing candidates and assisting Hiring Managers with the selection process
Is Experienced in the end to end recruitment and Onboarding
Is someone who has great novel ideas and is willing to build up a strong team, integrating current resources.

Recruitment is 90% sales and influencing so the candidate will show a deep understanding of candidate psychology and how to best highlight the Company USP’s and highlight these in all his/her campaigns.

We are looking for someone who is at the Top of His or Her game!

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